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Content Management Services…

Integrating and Improving the Customer Experience… and Providing Strategic Information…

    Increasing the effectiveness of your customer experience and a way to view all your important business metrics, makes a big difference in the results of your business and sales and marketing organization.  

    Let’s Take a Look at the Customer’s Experience… and the results and information that it provides…and ways to provide you with the metrics you need.

Fisrt - How well do you know your customers?  

It starts with content management and the customer 'journey'. 

What is it that they like about your product or service?
What are the metrics of your customer’s web experience? 
Why did they purchase your product or service? 
What are their age groups? 
What 'kind' of people purchase your product or service?
What led them to make the buying decision?
What are their concerns? 
What are their demographics?
What other products or services could you produce to better serve your particular market?

    By knowing and improving your customer experience, and by identifying the sources of strategic information, and then combining these resources, into charts and spreadsheets and results, you get a visual map of your company’s performance, from which to make better decisions for the future.
Content Management Systems and these basic principles help you…

Use your web site to not only make it easy to purchase your products, but also gather feedback, comments,                     suggestions, referrals and more leads.

Monitor Social Media in your field of expertise or products.

Create a customer experience that is easily accessible, user friendly, professional, pro-active and allows you to                 gather information for future review.
Gather, combine and display data, from all your  sources of internal and external departmental             information.

Secondly - In Addition to your Customer Experience…

Strategic Information…in the Digital World…

    You have an IT and computer system setup and a customer service department. 
And… the information you need is available, but you don’t have a way to view it. And you need to know what information is presently available and what ‘new’ information could add value in the future.
And that is where Content Management Systems also comes into play.  Our systems help bring your customer experience and all your data ‘together’.

The Problem…

    The problem is that information in an organization, tends to be scattered across departments.
It can come from sales, consulting, contacts, existing customers, new customers, competition analysis, business news and articles, trends, surveys, market analysis and research in your industry.

    You may have the data at your fingertips, but is it gathered, compiled and displayed into useful information you can use going forward?

We bring that data together, into a streamlined flow, with all the above factors, for your review.

Summary: What We Can Do for You…

Our systems provide you with the ability to increase the value of your customer experience, harness your data, raise your level of awareness, and better know your playing field.


    Content Systems Management, not only gives you the ability to 'gather’ and display all of these metrics, but leads you, through better decision making, to continue to produce more customer 'value' and a better customer experience in the future. 

Example: Ad Copy for a Computer Consulting Company.